Sleek. Reliable. Sexy.


Perfectly You

DesignCrib, Inc. is a premier modular system provider and tile consolidator which products include high end brands. At the core of DesignCrib, Inc. are resident interior designers to address every clients’ need for perfection. That means every design concept presented are assured to be drafted by highly professional designers, and not just copied from any material.

Design plus Function

Our tiles are thoroughly chosen to complement the high growth and demand of aesthetically exquisite and functional designs of the time. On the other hand, we believe that not all cabinets are created equal.Ours are simply crafted with passion and integrity. What sets us apart is not only quality but elegance and value for money. Many in the design industry–architects, interior designers and the clients that we have worked with, are well aware how we have been working hard with full commitment to prove that the value of our products and services are not an expense but a worthy investment.